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Submitted by Tatsuhiko Sato, Japan Atomic Energy Agency
   Commenting as an individual
Document Operational Quantities for External Radiation Exposure
I mostly agree with the basic concept of the new operational quantities proposed in this draft,
but I have one concern about the treatment of the Q(L) relaitonship in the new radiological protection system.
After the introduction of the concept of the effective dose in ICRP60,
H*(10) is the only quantity that is based on Q(L) in the radiological protection system.
Thus, if H*(10) is replaced by Emax, Q(L) is not used in the system anymore,
except for space dosimetry as written in ICRP123.
On the other hand, Q(L) is still useful in the experimental dosimetry,
particularly when TEPC or track detectors are used for measuring LET distributions.
In addition, the adequacy of the values of w_R assigned to neutron
is assured by its numerical consistency with the mean quality factor,
as discussed in ICRP92. 

Therefore, I here proposed to mention about the treatment of the Q(L) relationship in the document.
Idealy, it would be very nice to clarify that
the introduction of the new system does not indicate the truncation of Q(L), and
it is still the official relationship of ICRP/ICRU to estimate the radiation quality of high LET raidiations.

I hope this comment would be useful and constructive.