Radiological protection in medicine

Draft document: Radiological protection in medicine
Submitted by Dr Richard Smart, St George Hospital
Commenting as an individual

Page 11, lines 20-30 relate to the measurement of organ absorbed doses in patients undergoing diagnostic x-ray or fluoroscopically guided interventional procedures. There needs to be a similar paragraph discussing the calculation of absorbed doses after a nuclear medicine examination. Page 6, line 14: a comma needs to be inserted after "higher" Page 9, line 15 uses "linear non-theshold model" while line 30 uses "linear no-theshold model". This needs to be standardised. Page 14, line 14: It is not clear to what "applications" is referring. It could be interpretted that CT and PET per se have not been justified. I hope the intention is that screening tests using PET or CT have not been justified. This sentence could be clearer.