Draft document: Recommendations
Submitted by Trenta Giorgio, Italian Medical Radiatio protection Association
Commenting on behalf of the organisation

ITALIAN MEDICAL RADIATION PROTECTION ASSOCIATION (AIRM) The AIRM appreciated very much the ICRP process of revision of the 2006 Draft Recommendations, available for comments by associations of professional radiation protection experts. AIRM participated in the Working Group of AIRP (Italian Radiation Protection Association) and completely agreed with the views and comments of this Working Group. But at last moment, when the work of the Group was over, the AIRM is urged to point out to the Commission an additional consideration felt by the medical component of radiation protection community: the relevance of psycho-social effects of I.R. AIRM really deems it opportune and necessary to point out this aspect as a third effect of radiations in paragraph 48 of the Draft. As a matter of fact in the opinion of the experts the psychological effects seem to be the major effects of I.R. (or of the exposure to it) as the legacy of Chernobyl accident proves. Besides the Commission itself in Publication 96 points out the importance of the psychological health effects. On the same subject the paragraph 327 of the Draft asserts: “psychological issues, such as distress and misattributions and fear of illness, .. will be a major concern”. Those are the consequences not just of the post-accidental events, but also the attitude of face a medical exposure or whichever other use of I.R. Therefore our Association believes that due account should be taken in the new Recommendations of the psycho-social aspects and of their reduction measures, like education and correct information, or, at least, it hopes the Commission would edit in the next future a publication devoted to the psychological health effects of I.R.