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Submitted by Jeff Jones, The Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust
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Document Education and Training
I would like to see specific guidance on the frequency of update training for different categories of workers.

A previous ICRP report has recommended that "The training programme should include initial training for all incoming staff and regular updating and retraining".

The EC document Radiation Protection 116 - "Guidance on Education and Training in Radiation Protection for Medical Procedures" in paragraph 45 suggests a three year cycle for renewal of training (taken from American College of Radiology standard for continuing medical education.

An IAEA presentation refers to annual refresher training.

In the USA the Code of Federal Regulations, (revised January 1, 2009) Part 835_Occupational Radiation Protection, section 835.901 Radiation Safety Training, specifies; "Radiation safety training shall be provided to individuals when there is a significant change to radiation protection policies and procedures that may affect the individual and at intervals not to exceed 24 months". I have noticed that many Institutions in the USA have in fact adopted annual update training.

Without specific guidance on the frequency of update training many Regulators will choose to either ignore update training or may adopt different standards to that of neighbouring states.