Draft document: Recommendations
Submitted by Jeannine Honicker, too many to list
Commenting as an individual

Reguarding the Deregulation of Radation emissions: due by Sept 15, 2006, A personal letter to the members of ICRP who are invovled in the decission making process of deregulation of radioactive releases. I have gladly identified myself to you. I would appreciate knowing who you are, your names, affiliations, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. There is no such thing as a "Safe Dose" of radiation. Deregulation is merely an acknowledgement that you can't protect people from radioactive releases, and you DON'T CARE HOW MANY MORE PEOPLE HAVE CANCER, LEUKEMIA, AND DEFORMED BABIES. which are caused by radiation. Deregulation only achieves two purposes.: (1) Deregulation means increased profits for the faceless nuclear industry. (2) Deregulation means that the solution to radioactive polution is dillution, and that the victims will be harder to identify, since this highly toxic material can be spread over an even larger area. Since 1974 background radiation has increased from 75 mrems to 300 mrems. Deregulation is obscene. The precauctionary principal, prevention, is the only sane policy. As low as reasonably achievable, ALARA, is not the precauctionary pricipal. As low as reasonably achievable is based on how little the nuclear industry can spend to be able to release as much radiation as as they can get by with. The public has fought the issue of deregulation, (radioactive frying pans) , or ""below regulatory concern" for decades. We don't want radiactive frying pans, belt buckles, braces, coins, or any other radioactive consumer products. We don't want to feed our children radioactive water, vegetables, fish, meat, and strontium 90 laced milk. As more and more people find out that instead of making the world safer, by reducing the levels of radiation releases, you are only concerned about the economic health of the nuclear industry by deregulation,, more and more people will join the cry to SHUT DOWN every nuclear plant in the world. There is no safe dose of radiation, and no such thing as an "emission free' nuclear power plants. The nuclear industry creates waste at every step of the fuel cycle, and releases radioactive pollutants at every step. By reclassifying High Level Waste to Low Level Waste, as the Department of Energy has done with Reprocessed waste, and allowing LLW to be disposed of in landfills ,more people will be exposed, but who cares, not you, not DOE, only the victims and their families, and a few million public spirited people, some of whom you have or will hear from. When your family suffers with a child who has leukemia, or a grand child that is born with a deformity, will you look in a mirror and say, "I could have prevented this, if only I had cared." Do it now before you lie dying of cancer. Reject the idea of deregulation of radiation releeases. The life you save may be your own, or that of a loved one. Respectfully submitted, Jeannine Honicker