Health risks attributable to radiation

Draft document: Health risks attributable to radiation
Submitted by Christophe Murith, Swiss Federal Office of Public Health
Commenting on behalf of the organisation

Swiss Comments concerning the Draft Paper of ICRP on the topic of “Biological and Epidemiological Information on Health Risks Attributable to Ionising Radiation: A Summary of Judgements for the Purposes of Radiological Protection of Humans ” The paper has been studied by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (SFOPH). The document is well structured and it provides useful basis and clarifications on the main proposed changes in the draft ICRP Recommendations 2005. It's from our point of view the best foundation document among the proposed drafts. Nevertheless we would stress that 2 recent studies (E Cardis et al, BMJ 2005; S Darby et al, BMJ 2005) had not been taken into account in this judgement and encourage ICRP to integrate their results in the risk appreciation (how far do these studies fit with the current system). We appreciate much the conclusions and proposals synthesis given in table 7.1 for radiological protection purposes.