Draft document: Recommendations
Submitted by Richard Kramer, Departamento de Energia Nuclear - UFPE
Commenting as an individual

In § (136) to (138) the ICRP expresses its strong reservations about the use of the effective dose for medical exposures. I agree completely with that position, and I would go even further, i.e. I would recommend to not use at all the effective dose for medical exposures to the patient, mainly because of the underlying concept of the effective dose and the usually very inhomogeneous exposure of the patient's body. On the other hand, if the ICRP "allows" the restricted use of the effective dose for exposures to the patient, then the Commisssion should make very clear, that the effective dose has to be calculated always exactly according to its definition. This means, that always the corresponding equivalent dose distributions in a male and a female phantom have to be calculated, also in cases like Histerosalpingography, which is an examination especially for women !