Radiological Protection in Ion Beam Radiotherapy

Draft document: Radiological Protection in Ion Beam Radiotherapy
Submitted by TADA, Jun Ichiro, N.P.O. Radiation Safety Forum
Commenting on behalf of the organisation


Line 243

The dose of a public who coming into contact with patients immediately after the ion beam therapy should not compare with the public dose limit. The dose limit for members of the public was introduced for planning purposed in Publication 9 to limit the mean dose of the critical group B(c), and this source-related restriction thought should have been maintained throughout publications 26, 60 and 103. Therefore it should not be used as the dose limit for A member of the public.

Lines 414-417

It should be better mentioning that the value of radiation weighting factor is dependent on the types and energies of ionising particles that incident on the body (not of those produces the absorbed dose in the organ or tissue.)

Line 454

Isn’t it “ICRP 2007”?

Line 478

It looks curious as the generic name “high-energy accelerator” is juxtaposed with one category name of high-energy accelerators, linear accelerator. It should be better eliminating the generic name or replace it with “betatrons.”

Line 570

It is quite unlikely that the generic RBE has three significant numbers! I think ICRU should have recommended the generic RBE for proton beams as 1.1 in the Report 78.