Draft document: Recommendations
Submitted by Morozumi Kunihiko, Japanese Society of Radiation Public Safety
Commenting on behalf of the organisation

Comments on the draft of the new recommendations released in June 2006 1FJustification of Radiological Procedures There are expression‚“ which may be misunderstood about the level of Justification of radiological procedures. Those@are@in (191) and (247). In (191), it says simply, "In medicine, there are three levels of justification." However, in (247), after saying, "At the most fundamental level, the use of radiation in medicine is accepted as doing more good than harm to the patient", it says, "In addition, there are two levels of Justification of a procedure in medical." The@minute difference of these expressions may invite misunderstanding in the@process of translation. We understand the intention of ICRP, but@you had better unify the expressions (3 or 1+2). 2FPrevention of the misuse@of the dose index in medical exposure. ICRP@new@recommendation states as follows in (136). In order to avoid the misuse of the dose index, we support the idea of adopting such descriptions. "The use of effective dose for assessing of the exposure of patients has severe limitations that must be considered when quantifying medical exposure." "Equivalent dose or absorbed dose to irradiated tissues is the more relevant quantity." 3FClarification of the radiological protection training for physicians. ICRP described the importance of the radiological protection training for physician in (246). However, in order to clarify the importance of the radiological protection training for physician further, ICRP should add the following description. Such comment like "The physician who gives a direct instruction on medical practice involving radiation exposure and the physician who performs IVR have to take the sufficient radiological protection training." should be stated either in law or guidance document.