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Submitted by Yoshikazu Kumamoto, Retired
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Document Optimisation of radiological protection
Optimisation and accidents
Abstract - Although this draft cites, gthe 2005 Recommendations entails consideration of the avoidance of accidentsh, no more detailed description is given about this topic in the present draft. If optimisation is going to include the avoidance of accidents, I would like to hear how optimisation is to be realised, what points should be checked and what accidents have occurred due to the neglect of optimisation.

General - The term, gstakeholderh,
Expressing my opinion now may be too late, because the term, gstakeholderh, has been used since the publication of ICRP Publication 82. In spite of its definition of the term, that is, gthose parties who have interests in and concern about a situationh, the original meaning of the word is ga person entrusted with the stakes of bettorsh (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary). The translation of the term into Japanese is difficult, so I wish the term be changed. I wonder if those parties who have interests in and concern about a situation would be pleased when they are called person related with a bet.