Operational Quantities for External Radiation Exposure

Draft document: Operational Quantities for External Radiation Exposure
Submitted by Jonathan Entwisle, Newcastle Hospitals
Commenting as an individual

line 471: "Two organs or tissues with small or no contribution to effective dose (Section 3.3.3)" There is no Section 3.3.3, presumably refers to Section 3.3.2: Effective Dose

line 2211: full stop before Bordy

line 2215: "The calculation of dose equivalent quantities in the ICRU sphere for..." The T in the title of the paper in not italicised. 

line 2393: authors are given as "et al" but then proceeds to list the other authors on the paper.

line 2400: needs a space between Veinot and his initial

There are some slight inconsistencies in your references. The mostly go surname, initial, as in "Aaronson A. A." but at least one (line 2206) goes initial surname as in "A.A. Aaronson". On line 2252 the authors names are in small caps. Similarly some paper titles are given in quotes and some in italics.