Optimisation of radiological protection

Draft document: Optimisation of radiological protection
Submitted by Akira Suzuki, Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited
Commenting on behalf of the organisation

Comment-1 (Paragraph 32) This paragraph shows the list of attributes to be considered to select the best protection option. However , it is not always necessarily all attributes shall be taken into consideration. So the list should be treat as that it is enough to select some attributes depending on the situation. Comment-2 (Paragraph 47) At this paragraph described e the effective implementation of optimization requires commitment from all relevant parties f , but it is not reasonable, and incoherent to the description at the paragraph 52 which described e depending upon the circumstances , it may not be necessary to involve all stakeholders e or emany radiological protection decisions will not be complex or socially contentious , and thus will not need broad stakeholder involvement e . It should be adopt the paragraph 52 at stakeholder involvement. Comment-3 (Paragraph50) The term eoperational managementf should be defined clearly , with refer to distinction from eoperator f. Comment-4 (Paragraph56) It is not practical treated the optimization as it require endlessly to lower the dose when it is very low. And at the optimization, exclusion level or exemption level maybe refer as one of information of judgment practically. So it should be written that these levels are regarded as substantially e end pointf in some cases.