Draft document: Recommendations
Submitted by Bobbie Heimberg, N/A
Commenting as an individual

Good Afternoon: I am writing today to urge the ICRP to discontinue all discussions regarding recommendations for radiation exemptions. I would also strongly urge the ICRP to adopt more precautions. If the ICRP were to ease regulations, what's to stop a third world developing country from shipping a container of the poison to your backyard? What's stop countries from poisoning large demographics of their own people? Who gives anyone the right to expose me or my friends and family to radiation over a period of 30+ years? At no time to I feel it is ok or safe to expose any humans (male or female; rich or poor) to radiation. Nor do I feel it is safe to expose plants and animals to it either. After all, we all share the same planet. It seems to me that no one wants the responsibility of regulating this toxic poison. If it is such a struggle, why are we [humans] still producing it? Thank you, Bobbie Heimberg