Occupational Radiological Protection in Interventional Procedures

Draft document: Occupational Radiological Protection in Interventional Procedures
Submitted by Anders Widmark, Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority
Commenting as an individual

Thanks for a well-written, comprehensive and important publication! I just have a few comments:

Line 300: A dosimeter above the lead apron may give a reasonable estimate of the eye lens dose. However, the position of the dosimeter is important. If it is positioned on the opposite side of the X-ray tube, the body of the physician may shield the dosimeter to a very high degree, depending on his working position.

I also see that this is commented on line 1928, but maybe emphasise the importance of having the dosimeter on the correct position, i.e. on the side adjacent to the X-ray tube. Otherwise, the conclusions of the eye lens dose estimates may be very wrong.

Line 2042: When considering conceptus dose from a dosimeter worn under the apron, it may be helpful to know that the HVL in human tissue are about 3 cm.

Line 2117: The use of an “assist injector” is popular among some physicians. This technique makes it possible to increase the distance (~1 meter) to the patient during contrast injections. 

Regards/Anders Widmark