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Submitted by Ariavarasan.I, M S Patel Cancer Center,SK Hospital
   Commenting as an individual
Document Education and Training
The recommendations mentioned in the document is very well invited.
Though education and training will give a ''Radiation worker'' a knowledge
regarding the effects of the radiation and effective ways to control and handle it,
it will only be a lethargic move for a ''radiation workers'' is concerned.

Since the personnel working in the diagnostic radiology (mostly doctors) do not have
any sound knowledge (about radiation and its effects) and moreover they need to
concentrate on their own subjects, they deny to focus on the Radiation safety.

Its a very good move to authorize a body (local) to train and issue certificates regarding the
safety in radiation but, it will take a right shape only if it is made mandatory.

Hence, let the worker function as Radiation worker, only after the scrutinizing of the documents
justifying his certification in radiation safety by an authorized person (Radiological Safety Officer)
in the institution and the same may be conveyed to the Authorized body (for Eg: AERB in India)

Doing so, the Radiation worker will come to know the importance of the ''Radiation Safety'' and at
the same time we can keep an eye on them.