Multi-detector computed tomography

Draft document: Multi-detector computed tomography
Submitted by Keiji ODA, Committee of International Correspondense, Japan Health Physics Society
Commenting on behalf of the organisation

1. General opinion 1) Now several types of MDCT with 2 - 64 slices are widely used in practical diagnosis, characteristics of which depend largely on the number of slices. Therefore, the description should be needed corresponding to the number of slices. 2) This ICRP report is expected to be read throughout the world. The qualification of medical staffs and the manner of medical practices might differ from one country to another. Therefore, the meaning of the terms should be defined or clarified. p.4 (110) radiologist - the medical doctor who engages the CT examination such as a radiologist p.24 (638-639) medical physics expert – medical physics expert and technologist 2. Technical terms related to CT 1) In order to avoid misunderstanding, the same term should be used when it represents the same meaning. Ex. kV and kVp, helical and spiral, operator and technologist, helical pitch and pitch factor 2) The unit of “cGy” should not be used. Ex. Table 4.6 on page 68, fetal dose at 3 months 3) The glossary will help not only understanding of readers but also avoiding such confusion of term. The definition and explanation of terms should have the consistency with those in IEC and IAEA. 4) mistake type p.7 (218) omission of the period p.27 (715) artefacts ---> artifacts p.70 (1776) CTDI100, edge ---> CTDI100, peripheral 3. Others 1) p.22 (591) The expression of “deterministic risk” dose not seem to have a consistency with the draft report of 2006 recommendation. 2) Addition of description in Table A.1 The additional description of “Scanning parameters” such as Table 4.1B (page 55) will help understanding.