Dosimetric quantities

Draft document: Dosimetric quantities
Submitted by Richard Wakeford, BNFL
Commenting as an individual

I just wonder, as has sometimes been suggested, whether a separate unit for effective dose would avoid the confusion with radiation weighted dose that is frequently encountered. I know that people should be clear when to use radiation weighted dose and effective dose, and make this clear in their documents, but this is not the case in practice and often there is confusion in the reader's (and in all probability, the writer's) mind about just what dose is being used. Maintaining the sievert for radiation weighted dose, but introducing another unit after tissue weighting (to give effective dose) would force peole to think much more carefully about what it is they are actually doing because they would have to use a different and specific unit. Having the sievert for two different doses is inviting misuse, and the invitation is all to often accepted. Just as the sievert was introduced for the radiation weighted dose, why not have a separate unit for the tissue weighted dose? Something to consider, perhaps?