Operational Quantities for External Radiation Exposure

Draft document: Operational Quantities for External Radiation Exposure
Submitted by François Bochud, Institue of Radiation Physics, Member of ICRP-C4
Commenting as an individual

I greatly appreciate this document.  It will simplify an clarify how we can communicate about dosimetry in radiation protection, as well as improve the precision of the operational quantities.  I have the following specific comments:

Both the abstract and the executive summary are very hard to follow without reading the full text.  More importantly, the main points of this Report appear to be missing or are hidden in cumbersome formulations.  From my understanding the main points of this Report are the following:

1) The quantities "equivalent dose" and "dose equivalent" will be discontinued and the unit sievert will only be used for the effective dose and therefore explicitly and exclusively for stochastic effects.

2) The ICRU sphere will be replaced by male and female voxel phantoms exposed from different incidences.

3) The protection quantities have now coherent units: gray for tissue effects and sievert for stochastic effects.

4) The Report provides a set of conversion coefficients from air kerma or from fluence to operational quantities for different particles.

5) The numerical incidence of these changes are thoroughly investigated and do not lead to a revolution, but clarify the concepts and make communication about dosimetric quantities to the public easier.

I think that there is a need for a global figure that shows the main differences between the present approach and what is proposed in this report.  I have the following proposition:



Line 182.  Preface.  Examples of both protection quantities and operational quantities should be mentioned.

Line 296. Figure 2. The meaning of the arrows (one-direction or two-direction) should be explained in the caption.

Line 1269. "If" instead of "In this were to take place".