Draft document: Recommendations
Submitted by Eli Stern, Center for Risk Analysis, Gertner Inst f Epidemiology & Health Policy Research, Tel-Aviv University
Commenting on behalf of the organisation

I have a few short questions regarding the second drat of ICRP's recommendations (I am aware, though, of the September 15th deadline): Did ICRP "pull back" a little bit from its firm position, concerning the maximum appropriate value of the dose constraint for a single source/practice, namely 0.3 mSv/y? Was the well known ICRP 82 generic statement on this matter (e.g. on page 5) ignored deliberately in the recommendations draft and substituted by "vague" reference to ICRP 77 & 81 where the value 0.3 mSv/y was mentioned for waste disposal purposes only. Does it mean, that ICRP tends to leave the final decisions regarding dose constraints, to local competent authorities, provided that (a) particular, ad hoc values of dose constrains are determined using optimization processes and (b) those values are lower than 1 mSv/y?