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Submitted by Rafael Popoca Flores, National Institute of Nuclear Research
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Document Ethical Foundations of the System of Radiological Protection
Hi, this is a very good atempt to formally stablish  the basis of the application and importance of ethical considerations within the radiological protection.

I think that it is very important to include the topic of confidentiality, it is a very important issue in the imagenologic and medical field but applies to all the fields of radiological protection, this document should include information relating to the correct use of information and respect to people privacity , it could be included in the paragraphs relating to dignity, but I am not totally sure, if it were my desicion I would prefer to include it between the main ethic principles

By the other side, I believe that it is very important to include some information of the ethical principles regarding to the good use and preservation of facilities and equipment, it will complement the topic of environmental, or could be included in the beneficense and non maleficense topics.

Thank you so much