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ICRP: Free the Annals!

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Submitted by Kathryn Barnes, Don't Waste Michigan
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Please accept this as a comment from myself and also from DWM.
No nuclear waste should be exempt from regulation. Even low level waste can be mixed, and can be toxic. Even smaller doses of radiation can harm people and the environment, singly or in bioaccumulative quantities. Because nuclear waste has such longetivity it must never be deregulated at any level.
Therefore, I am requesting that you delete all discussion and recommendations for EXEMPTIONS and Exemption levels (delete section 2.4 and any tables supporting exemptions). I also would like to
ask that the ICRP adopt and incorporate the PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE in the overall framework.
These are rational and realistic requests. To not honor them would show irresponsibility and a profound assault on public trust with future repercussions of potential gravity to condemn as negligence on the part of the regulatory agency i.e.ICRP.
Kathryn Barnes/Don't Waste Michigan