Multi-detector computed tomography

Draft document: Multi-detector computed tomography
Submitted by Allan G. Farman, CMI/University of Louisville
Commenting as an individual

First, let me congratulate the panel on devleoping such an easy-to-read document given the technical complexity of the topic. Multi-detector CT is definitely an expanding field of interest in the health sciences. The other approach to "fast" large volume CT imaging is volumetric ("cone beam") CT using flat panel detectors. Perhaps some though should be given to inclusion of volumetric ("cone beam") computed tomography within the scope of the present document at least in mention and in dosimetric comparisons. Thought may also be given to developing a parallel report on volumetric ("cone beam") CT this document - or as an additional report. Some material might also be added concerning access to data to prevent excess radiation through re-exposure of the patient. File datasets should provide for interoperability (e.g. DICOM-image file export).