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Submitted by AUBERT Bernard, IRSN
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Document Radiological protection in paediatric diagnostic and interventional radiology
l 319 to 321: The reference to the french guide published by the French Society of Radiology could be added.
l 643: If the eyes are shielded in CT we must precise that the intensity modulation must not be used.
§ 103: § 33 could be added to § 103.
l 1320: 50 mAs and 34 mAs
Table 5: "CTDI" and not "CDTI"
Table 5: Precise CTDIw ou CTDIvol
§ 6.4: As this document will be published in 2011-2012 it is necessary to add few words on the use of iterative reconstruction and the (eventual) effect on the dose and/or image quality.