Optimisation of radiological protection

Draft document: Optimisation of radiological protection
Submitted by NORIHIKO YODA,MD, Ministry of Education,Culture,Sports,Science and Technology
Commenting on behalf of the organisation

Although we selected "optimisation of radiological protection" above "documents" section, We would like to comment for all 5 foundation documents as "General Comments" General Comments We welcome the openness of the ICRPfs approach regarding its draft report of 2005 recommendation and its five foundation documents. As along with ICRPfs new approach, we sent our following comments to ICRPfs secretariat last December. Broadened the meanings of gdose constraintsh Disappearance of gINTERVENTIONh Definition of ea single sourcef especially for Power Plant Limitation of LNT hypothesis Disappearance of Action level for Radon Unfortunately, we can hardly find answers of these important comments in five foundation documents. Similar suggestions were also sent by many major countries and international organizations. In order to meet and facilitate the philosophy of gSTAKEHOLDER INVOLVEMENTh, these important comments were supposed to be answered clearly.