Draft document: Recommendations
Submitted by Simon Woodings, Medical Engineering and Physics, Royal Perth Hospital
Commenting as an individual

Dear ICRP staff, I would like to make a very brief comment on one paragraph of your 5 June 2006 draft regulations. Paragraph 271 contains the statement: >The adventitious or unintentional exposure of members of the public in >waiting rooms and on public transport is not high enough to require >special restrictions on nuclear medicine patients, except for those >being treated with radioiodine for thyroid cancer (Publications 73 and 94). Several authors, including myself, recommend minor precautions for use of public transport for patients being treated with radioiodine for conditions other than thyroid cancer (Woodings 2004 APESM 27 118, ARPANSA Radiation Protection Series No. 4, Cappelen et al. 2006 Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 33 81, Cormack and Shearer 1998 PMB 43 501, O'Doherty et al. 1993 Nucl Med Commun 14 160 and others. The treatments include radioiodine treatment of thyrotoxicosis and radioiodine (MIBG) treatment of phaeochromocytoma. I believe precautions could be applied for long periods of travel by public transport and possibly to regular commuting with the same person, for any therapeutic quantity of, and all forms of, radioiodine. I suggest simply removing the specification "for thyroid cancer" from your paragraph 271. Regards, Simon