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Submitted by Prof. Dr. Elena Khandogina, Nuclear Safety Institute RAS
   Commenting on behalf of the organisation
Document Radiological protection in medicine
The Publication “Radiological Protection in medicine” seems to be very important because the development of new radiation diagnostic and therapy methods leads to the growth of the number of persons to be irradiated. However, I’d like to make some comments.

- p.9 line 19
It would to be considered that the more frequent examination of patients can be caused by some diseases those from one’s part are concerned with the increased radiosensitivity and predisposition to the cancer.

- p. 10 lines 4-6
It is to note, that the genetic predisposition to cancer can be accompanied by the increased radiosensitivity, for example in case of chromosome instability syndromes as well as in heterozygous carriers of defected genes.

- p.13 lines 2-5
The risk can depend on age and sex distribution of individuals undergoing the medical procedures as well as from their state of health.

I hope these comments would make more accurate some theses of the document to be discussed.