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Submitted by Mrs Sheila Liddle, Secretary Legislation and Standards Topic Group, The Society for Radiological Protection
   Commenting on behalf of the organisation
Document Radiological Protection in Security Screening

The SRP appreciates being given the opportunity to respond to this draft.

We found this document easy to read and very informative with regard to this growing area of the use of ionising radiation.  We appreciate that there is a role for security screening but support the concept that the dose members of public who are exposed receive must be restricted.   The ICRP recommendations that these exposures are optimised so that the individual’s exposure is minimised subject to gaining the required image information are in line with our own principles of operation.  This optimisation process must also include, as recommended, that the design and use of such imaging equipment is such that the imaged person, the operators and others adventitiously exposed are all suitably protected. This philosophy is supported and is in line with current UK practice for medical exposures.  We agree that the justification of these security exposures can be considered a social benefit similar to the use of x-rays for health screening.    We strongly support the proposal that exposures to all are minimised so there is no requirement to take additional actions for children or pregnant women.  

We support the view of the ICRP with regard to the way it handles concealed individuals.   We agree that these persons have already taken decisions which make it difficult to fully apply the normal principles of radiation protection and that imaging systems should be optimised.  The ICRP recognises the greater technical challenges of imaging lorries and transport containers and we support the choice of using the dose limit for a member of the public as a restriction on the potential dose such a person can receive.