Dosimetric quantities

Draft document: Dosimetric quantities
Submitted by Yoshikazu Kumamoto, Retired
Commenting as an individual

I am aware that the following comments are too late for the deadline of consultation, but wish the committee may have a look at this. Topic: The name of unit of radiation weighted dose Page 14, 3.3 Radiation Weighted Dose and Effective Dose, first paragraph. In spite of many comments against using sievert for a radiation weighted dose, the present draft uses the special name sievert for the dose. If this definition is adopted because a radiation weighted dose and the effective dose have the same unit J kg-1, all doses including the effective dose should have the name Gy. I think doses multiplied by the ratio of doses related with biological effects is no more equal to the amount of the physical dose. I have experienced that many people felt confused when they knew that the same unit names are used for the equivalent dose and effective dose. Topic: The names of two kinds of radiation effects "Tissue reactions" and "Stochastic effects" are not good terms in views of classification of detriments. My proposal (including the existing definitions) for the names and units of two kinds of radiation effects are as follows. The deterministic effects (modifiable) Name: RBE-weighted dose Unit name: Gy-Eq The stochastic effects Name: Radiation quality weighted dose Unit name: Weighted-Gy Name: Effective dose Unit name: Sv I wish the committee may lay weight on the easy understanding rather than on the exactitude of definition and determine a new name for the unit name of radiation weighted dose. I wrote and sent this topic on 30 November, 2004. I posted here again in a more detailed manner.