The scope of radiological protection

Draft document: The scope of radiological protection
Submitted by Hansh H. Brunner, former president Fachverband für Strahlenschutz (FS)
Commenting as an individual

This is an excellent text which will help a lot to clarify the interpretation and implementation of the Commission's recommendations and will help to make translations more correct. The footnotes with the definitions and explanations of the terms used are a real progress! I have no comments on the contents, but I found a linguistic problem: - Paragraph (10) and footnote 13: "unamenable": I looked up the definitions of "amenable" in several American and British dictionaries and the translations into German and Swedish. In all cases this word was defined or translated relating to persons with an implication of influencing their reasoning or willingness or relating to their legal status or responsibility. There were no definitions, translations or examples for using this adjective with non-living or abstract subjects. Maybe "unsuitable" or "unliable" would be more correct? Check this with linguists.