Radiological protection in medicine

Draft document: Radiological protection in medicine
Submitted by Karin Westdyk,
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If you are finding that you are having problems dealing with its waste and that the waste is extremely toxic to all life forms, then I would suggest that the first thing you do is stop making it. We need to put that radioactive genie back into the bottle and focus our efforts on acquiring health, energy, food and shelter -- all we need to live -- through what is readily available from the sun and the earth''s surface. Time to stop the oil and nuclear addiction -- an absurd way to boil water -- and focus on renewables. If we took a very small % of what we are spending on this draconian war for oil and establish a "Manhattan Project" to make renewables affordable / available and to include solid state LED technology, we might be making progress. Until we solve the waste / toxicity problems we need to immediately halt production.