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Submitted by u.s.raj kumar, individual
   Commenting as an individual
Document Protection of the Environment under Different Exposure Situations

dear sir,

  i read all the document it is verry use full, but comman man cann"t  uderstand this scintific longuage
and who are running the nuclear deparments like nuclear medicine, radiation theraphy units, medical cyclotrans, etc the management dont know the radiation hazards, who  are the working in that departments they are qualified and know verry vell knowledgeed but they are workers they cannot demand them about the work lode. i and so many persons facing this problam

     so  i am requesting you please maintain the work lode chart means radiation work timings
like 6 Hr per day like that or  40 hours per week etc and how many workers is requard for perticula work lode Etc
      that is very help full for radiation worker to avoid  high radiation exposure and easly explain to public or management

thanking you sir