ICRP Publication 87

Managing Patient Dose in Computed Tomography

Recommended citation
ICRP, 2000. Managing Patient Dose in Computed Tomography. ICRP Publication 87. Ann. ICRP 30 (4).

Abstract - Computed tomography (CT) examinations can involve relatively high doses to patients. The doses can often approach or exceed levels known with certainty to increase the probability of cancer. The frequency of CT examinations is increasing worldwide and the variety of examinations is also increasing. However, in contrast to the common trend in diagnostic radiology, the rapid developments in CT have not led in general to a reduction of patient doses per examination. Therefore, management of patient dose is crucial. Proper justification of examinations, use of the appropriate technical parameters during examinations, proper quality control, and application of diagnostic reference levels of dose as appropriate would all contribute to this end. There is also scope for further technical development of the equipment used. The present publication aims to provide information in all these respects in order to provide assistance in the successful management of patient dose.

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