ICRP Publication 104

Scope of Radiological Protection Control Measures

Recommended citation
ICRP, 2007. Scope of Radiological Protection Control Measures. ICRP Publication 104. Ann. ICRP 37 (5).

Abstract - In this report, the Commission recommends approaches to national authorities for their definition of the scope of radiological protection control measures through regulations, by using its principles of justification and optimisation. The report provides advice for deciding the radiation exposure situations that should be covered by the relevant regulations because their regulatory control can be justified, and, conversely, those that may be considered for exclusion from the regulations because their regulatory control is deemed to be unamenable and unjustified. It also provides advice on the situations resulting from regulated circumstances but which may be considered by regulators for exemption from complying with specific requirements because the application of these requirements is unwarranted and exemption is the optimum option. Thus, the report describes exclusion criteria for defining the scope of radiological protection regulations, exemption criteria for planned exposure situations, and the application of these concepts in emergency exposure situations and in existing exposure situations. The report also addresses specific exposure situations such as exposure to low-energy or low-intensity adventitious radiation, cosmic radiation, naturally occurring radioactive materials, radon, commodities, and low-level radioactive waste. The quantitative criteria in the report are intended only as generic suggestions to regulators for defining the regulatory scope, in the understanding that the definitive boundaries for establishing the situations that can be or need to be regulated will depend on national approaches.

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