ICRP-SSM Webinar


The Role of ICRP and Stakeholders in the Future of Radiological Protection

13 June 2023  |  Virtual Event

Over the next decade, ICRP will be hosting several Digital Events each year as we look to review and revise the System of Radiological Protection for the next generation. 


This webinar, jointly organised by the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority - Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten (SSM) and the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP), will explore the future role of ICRP in shaping radiation protection practices around the world. By including the perspective from stakeholders in the form of regulators and operators, as well as that of the scientist, this webinar is aiming towards a broad discussion on what ICRP’s mission for the future could look like.




Michael Knochenhaur (SSM)
Setting The Scene
Carl-Magnus Larsson (ICRP/DSA)
ICRP Future Role: Scientific Perspective
Christophe Badie (ICRP/UK HSA)
ICRP Future Role: Regulators' Perspective
Marina Di Giorgio (FORO)
Operator Expectations on ICRP
Sameh Melhem (WNA)
Panel Discussion
Moderator: Carl-Magnus Larsson (ICRP/DSA)
Werner Rühm (ICRP/Federal Office for Radiation Protection, Germany)
Christophe Badie (ICRP/UK HSA)
Marina Di Giorgio (FORO)
Sameh Melhem (WNA)
Anna Clark (IAEA)
Summary and Conclusions
Carl-Magnus Larsson (ICRP/DSA) and Michael Knochenhaur (SSM)