The Future of Radiological Protection


Attitudes of Staff Involved in Dental Radiological Procedures in Georgia Towards Radiation Protection and Safety: A Questionnaire-Based Study

Author(s): David Nadareishvili 1, Vasil Gedevanishvili 2, Zurab Alkhanishvili 3, Ketevan Jariashvili 4, Salome Kiparoidze 5, Ana Maisuradze 6
( 1 Beritashvili Center Of Experimental Biomedicine; 2 Agency of Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia; 3 Georgian Dental Association; 4 Agency of Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia; 5 Beritashvili Center Of Experimental Biomedicine; New Vision University; 6 Georgian Dental Association)



Objectives: To investigate dentist’s perceptions and attitudes regarding radiation safety in dental practices in Georgia.

Methods: More than 100 dentists involved in dental X-ray diagnostic procedures across the country participated in this study. The questionnaire was submitted via Google form, a total of 17 key questions with relevant sub-questions. Further data were evaluated according to the frequency distribution. An anonymous survey was conducted regarding the following areas: years of practice, types and characteristics of the radiography equipment, knowledge of BSS and national regulations, prescription of dental radiographs, use of radiation protection equipment, participation in the radiation safety training program and etc.

Results: The obtained data are presented in the form of tables and diagrams. Analysis of the answers showed a fairly high level of knowledge and responsibility for radiation safety among all survey participants. A certain difference in the answers depends both on work experience, education and on a number of other factors, for the study of which additional research is needed.

Conclusions: This article is the first study in Georgia conducted jointly by a scientific organization, a national regulatory authority, as well as educational and professional structures. The analysis of the results of the presented questionnaire, on the one hand, allows the assessment of mandatory knowledge of radiation protection and safety issues of the target personnel. On the other hand, such feedback based on statistical data is a prerequisite for the revision of possible further regulatory requirements. Staff awareness issues involve the involvement of the relevant professional associations, which will allow it to strengthen the requirements for its members in the long run, as well as better analyze existing practices.

Keywords: radiation; dentists; radiography; protection



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