Task Group 64
Cancer Risk from Alpha Emitters

A Task Group under Committee 1

Alpha emitters represent an important part of the population exposure to radiation. Once incorporated they irradiate mainly some specific organs/tissues depending on the way they enter the human body (for example, through inhalation), and how quickly they are (or are not) eliminated. There are some important assumptions in the current radiation protection system about the doses attributable to these alpha emitters and about the associated cancer risks. The mandate of this Task Grpup is to evaluate how current results from epidemiological studies can contribute to the consolidation of these underlying assumptions.

Review of radon (and radon progeny) exposure of workers (mainly uranium miners), of the general population living in radon prone areas, and of the associated lung cancer risk is already completed by this task group, resulting in ICRP Publication 115: Lung Cancer Risk from Radon and Progeny and Statement on Radon. Similar efforts on plutonium and uranium have been continued. An ICRP publication that evaluates the cancer risk from exposure to plutonium and uranium will be developed.

Eric Blanchardon (Co-Chair), French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN), France
Richard Wakeford (Co-Chair), The University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Iulian Apostoaei (Member), USA
Elizabeth (Betsy) Ellis (Member), Oak Ridge Associated Universities, USA
Ethel S. Gilbert (Member), National Cancer Institute (NCI), USA
John D. Harrison (Member), Oxford Brookes University and Public Health England, United Kingdom
Dominique Laurier (Member), French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN), France
James W Marsh (Member), Health Protection Agency (HPA), United Kingdom
Mikhail Sokolnikov (Member), Southern Ural Biophysics Institute, Russian Federation
Sergey Zhivin (Member), France