Dose Coefficients for External Exposures to Environmental Sources

The consultation period ended October 12, 2018

Draft Document


 Name OrganisationDate
ViewKelly Joneson behalf ofPublic Health EnglandTue Oct 16 09:17:15 UTC+0200 2018
ViewAlfred Stewart Whitleyon behalf ofInternational Sciety of Radiographers and Radiological TechnologistsTue Oct 16 09:15:48 UTC+0200 2018
ViewTeun van Dillenon behalf ofThe Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)Tue Oct 16 09:14:23 UTC+0200 2018
ViewFumiaki TAKAHASHIas an individualJAEATue Oct 16 09:12:50 UTC+0200 2018
ViewCameron Lawrenceon behalf ofAustralian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety AgencyTue Oct 16 09:11:35 UTC+0200 2018
ViewIchiro Yamaguchias an individualNational Institute of Public HealthTue Oct 16 09:09:05 UTC+0200 2018
ViewTADA, Jun Ichiroas an individualN. P. O. Radiation Safety ForumMon Sep 3 00:54:13 UTC+0200 2018
ViewAlex Malinsas an individualJapan Atomic Energy AgencyWed Aug 8 05:14:01 UTC+0200 2018