Ethical Foundations of the System of Radiological Protection

Draft document: Ethical Foundations of the System of Radiological Protection
Submitted by K Fritioff, S. Sundell Bergman, Vattenfall AB
Commenting as an individual

According to the abstract, this publication is a founding document to be elaborated further in different situations and circumstances ( line 122). Even so, the publication is too overarching and the focus ought to be more on the ethical values/theories followed by a deeper analysis of how the RP system agrees with these values/theories. (Discrepancies?) As a suggestion, remove chapter 2 and put it as an appendix and lift in and extend the information from the appendix.  In addition, it would add value to a publication such as this if early considerations about ethical values could be a bit more elaborated.

The inclusion of “protection of the environment” in the discussion on ethical foundations of the RP system is of course important. But the ICRP approach for protection of the environment is only an assessment of radiological impact on biota (RAPs), not a system on how to protect the environment in general. Other ethical values such as preserving and improving biodiversity or sustainability are not taken into account. It is important to address these general ethical values of the protection of the environment, either in this report or a separate report.